Aaron Tokona

Shannon starts this podcast out with an interesting tune from Weta and a wee talk about Aaron Tokona; yet another musical legend. His work with Weta and Cairo Knife Fight was totally influential to what you know about kiwi music today.

Supporting the big guns such as Foo Fighters, with both Weta and Cairtokonao, show that this guys means business when it comes to his music.
To share the stage with the likes of Dave Grohl, twice…  Nuff’ said.

and yes that is a photo of Aaron with Jack Black –>

The track, ‘Got the Ju’ is not something I had heard before, but loved it when I did.
It appeals to my inner punk in so many ways. -and- If you liked that, check out their song ‘Calling Out‘ .. It’s like Radiohead and Placebo had a lovechild.

Cairo Knife Fight – a more recently well known band – have a similar sound although more electric than Weta. I would recommend moshing like crazy around the room listening to both nonetheless.

If you haven’t experienced Cario Knife Fight, it would pay to do so. Here’s one you’re bound to love; Origin of Slaves.


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