The Mint Chicks

” Crazy? Yes. Dumb? No. “

This song is incredibly catchy. I’m sure you can agree.

The Mint Chicks are a super popular and excellent band hailing from the North Shore in Auckland and have been gracing us with their energetic pop-punk sound since the early 2000’s. mint

Their 2009 hit ‘Hot on your Heels’ is an awesome tune, definitely delving deeper in to the electro sound.. with definite punk vibes. If you’re loving this sound, you’re also ganna be infatuated with Wavves... they’re like ‘murican twist on the Mint Chicks sound.

So, where are they these days? It looks like they have just released a vinyl reissue of ‘Crazy? yes. Dumb? no’. An interesting move for a band that’s unfortunately no longer together.

“Start your own fucking band” – Kody Nielson.

If you are reading this Kody Nielson, others have tried but none of us could make the magic you do.

For more information keep an eye out on their twitter page, which is surprisingly still regularly updated..



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