Head Like a Hole

Aptly named after the Nine Inch Nails song, this band is harder than what we may be used to in New Zealand rock.

On visiting their website you will be slammed with a heavy tune like ‘Swagger of Thieves‘ which features heavy guitar/drum instrumentals and vocals similar to those of Trent Reznor. hlah

With this said, it’s definitely not a negative thing. It’s a super unique sound that will appeal to those not necessarily in love with kiwi music, for the rock doesn’t have a reputation for being super grungy.

Some songs are very Rage Against, others can sound like they’re channeling a 90’s Blink 182 -and- in some verses it reminds me of Hello Sailor or Voodoo Dolls gone heavy and grungy. A pretty broad range and a couple odd comparisons.. but there ya go.

Its like the band almost changes totally from one song to the next, yet they have a distinctive sound, unlike any other Kiwi band.

Anyway, I found this tune on a ventures around Youtube; ‘Cornbag‘.



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