The Checks

The Checks – Ready to die.

The Checks are one of those (often) hidden great kiwi bands; you’ll hear a song and think ‘I love this song.. Where have I heard it before?!’

I had the pleasure of meeting them in 2008, where Shannon and myself witnessed our first ever Homegrown. This ‘meet’ involved my friend Libby and I getting a photo, standing next to Edward Knowles, holding a sign that says “We love you Cam” ..the checks

I had no idea who Cam was or who the Checks were. Oh so young and oh so naive.

This classic kiwi stunt band originates from the good ol big lil city of Auckland and have been gracing our ear drums with these stunner tunes since 2002. If you haven’t heard much of them, they are well worth a listen.


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