Minuit. A totally unique kiwi band that goes way back. minuit620

Actually, this band has close connections to my whanau and according to trustworthy sources, Minuit singer Ruth Carr actually babysat me many moons ago.

Anyway, their music is crazy good. You may remember their song “Aotearoa” (if you look very carefully in the video you’ll see a photo of a young Rachel) most recently, but if you dive deep in to your knowledge of kiwi tunes you’ll remember a song called “Except You” or “Fuji”.

Minuit (min-wee) was formed in 1998 and first got noticed at the good ol’ Rockquest in their hometown of Nelson. Their latest hit, “Stories for Boys”promotes haunting ideas, raises current issues.. A great showcase of what the band believes in.

To see them live for the fifth time would be a privilege, but unfortunately I don’t know how likely that will be in the near future. For the mean time, check out Ruth’s book “I Felt Like A Fight, Alright?”

or keep on top of ‘Funknslocuts‘ for a hit of that awesome Minuit sound.


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