Kimbra – Goldmine

Another favourite kiwi, Kimbra is a lyrical legend who has finally come out of her shell and produced some crazy new pop classics on her album The Golden Echo.


At the same age as Shannon and myself (25), she has released 2 huge albums and has the grammys to show for it. She kicked off at 10 and was noticed as a game changer at 17 when she released her first hit ‘Simply on my Lips‘  and has been taking over the world one ear hole at a time since.

Anyway, the latest album gives me the feeling that now she has won the hearts of many she can let her personality really take over the music and man, does it mull with the current music trends. This album shows her inner crazy personality and makes me so want to be her best friend.

On another note, her song ft. Sam Lawrence ‘Wandering Limbs’ from the album Vows has never been played better than this live recording on Sideshow Alley in Melbourne. Listen and thank me later.

“Am I caught in the background or part of the scene. Oh misery in the come down, the come down from here. Are we tangled in each other or placed in between. Like a stone, only stones throw away from falling.”


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