What It’s All About

Homegrown Only is the baby of a passionate, experienced and awesome podcast-er named Shannon Cassidy.

Coming from a Nelson, she has been exploring the beautiful country we live in for the past  7(ish) years. She’s been tooing-and-froing between home, Wellington and Auckland chasing her dreams of radio stardom, modelling and figuring out life.

Now she’s back and we’ve got her locked down for good in the little ol’ lovely city of Nelson.


The podcast itself has been a long time coming. Her knowledge of New Zealand music is hugely experienced. Having been actively involved in the music industry, networking with some of your favourite kiwi’s, being absolutely focused on eventually designing her dream show; what we like to call Homegrown Only.

So, listen up. If you’re interested in knowing more about the incredible talent this country has to offer, if you’ve got any good taste in music what-so-ever, this is the show YOU want to listen to.

| Blog written by Rachel Burton (a non bias, kind of bias friend) |


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